To all those who blame Bush for the Middle East's problems

In March 2003, A United States-led coalition invaded Iraq. The stated aim was to remove ''a regime that developed and used weapons of mass destruction, that harbored and supported terrorists, committed outrageous human rights abuses, and defied the just demands of the United Nations and the world.''

The coalition managed to quickly remove Saddam Hussein from power. In just over a month the US-led coalition had destroyed the Iraqi Army and George Bush declared major hostilities to be over. At this point the war had been hugely successful, Just over 200 soldiers had been killed, and a dictator that had used chemical weapons against his people killing thousands had been removed.

However, things quickly turned bad. Civilians started looting and there was a complete breakdown of law and order. Insurgent groups started forming. The Provisional government passed their first order the Coalition Provisional Authority Order Number 1. This order banned any person from member to senior leadership of the Baathist party from ever holding public office again. This policy angered thousands of senior Iraqis and to this day is cited as a major reason for the failure of the coalition. On the 23rd of May 2003, the Coalition Provisional Authority Order Number 2 was signed by the transitional government. This effectively dissolved the Iraqi army. This left thousands of soldiers and officers without jobs whom would join resistance movements. Many of the resistance movements then started attacking each other as well as American forces. Most notable of these was al-Qaeda in Iraq led by Al-Zarqawi who was born in Jordan. He sent suicide bombers to blow up Shi'ite Muslims and American Soldiers.

By this point in the war, it is very easy to criticize George Bush and his Administrations failure to control Iraq. However, polls show that before the war an estimated 62% of US civilians supported the war in Iraq. In the United Kingdom, although unexpected an estimated 55% of the population thought it was the correct decision to use military force in Iraq. This is despite the largest anti-war rally in the world taking place. Once again showing how there is usually a vocal minority and silent majority. However, in 1998 the political elites in Washington wanted Saddam out. Many forget about Operation Desert Fox in December 1998 when Bill Clinton's Administration and Tony Blair launched a four-day air campaign against Iraq after interfering with UN inspectors. The stated aim was to '' strike military and security targets in Iraq that contributed to Iraq's ability to produce, store, maintain, and deliver weapons of mass destruction. ''

Where was the Outcry about the evidence being false?

It is also highly likely Saddam would have started or potentially continued an operation building nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction after operation Desert Fox as he would have realized that soon his time would be up as it was the third US operation in Iraq in five years. All he would need would be for them to be pointed at the Ghawar Oil field in Saudi Arabia and the US would not be able to use direct military force against him. Or risk a major oil crisis in the US that would cause a terrible recession. There we go oil. The O word. 'Bush invaded Iraq for Oil'. Well, the first one certainly did but why is that a problem? George HW Bush Invaded Iraq to stop Iraq controlling most of the world's oil. Not for his own interests. Instead to allow American's to fill up their car without breaking the bank. One of the major reasons Hitler invaded the Soviet Union so soon was for oil Germany was in desperate need.

So, in conclusion, you can blame George Bush for the Middle East's problems and arguably his administration could have provided more security on the ground and had a better plan for after Saddam had been deposed but it is more than likely that any US president would have invaded Iraq post 9/11 considering the top brass had unfinished business with Saddam.

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