Largest ISKP-Taliban Battle

It has been reported that over 250 people on all sides have been killed in a first major battle between ISIS and the Taliban. This battle occurred in the northern province of Jawzjan and has taken part for three days (Highlighted in red below). It was reported that a Taliban commander Mullah Borjan was taken captive and executed on the first night of the supposedly three day long battle. It was confirmed by a Taliban Soldier however he claims that Borjan was an ordinary fighter rather than a commander.

Only a couple of days prior President Trump ordered diplomats to negotiate directly with the Taliban in an attempt to end America's 17 year war. This is a major shift from the Americans who had previously only been willing to negotiate through the Afghanistan government.

This battle could help pave the way for successful negotiations as they both have a common enemy and the Taliban might conclude it is very difficult to fight against Air Strikes, ISKP and the ANA.

Should nothing be agreed between the Taliban and the Americans than US generals will likely have to rethink their strategy to prevent ISKP taking large swathes of the country if the generals continue to hammer the Taliban at every opportunity.

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