Hundreds of soldiers missing

The Nigerian government have reported that Boko Haram overran a Nigerian military base on the night of 15/7/18. The base contained more than 700 soldiers and it has only been reported that 100 have returned. However, the Nigerian military has claimed that the figure of soldiers missing is much lower as many were found in neighbouring villages. The US claims that the jihadists were instead part of the group ISIS West Africa.

The Nigerian military had received intelligence that Jihadists were going to attack the military base in the North East of Nigeria. In response to the threat, reinforcements were being sent. This was then highly likely leaked to the Jihadists who impersonated the Nigerian Army with uniforms and painted vehicles. They arrived at the gates of the base and were allowed in by guards who assumed they were the reinforcements that were sent to protect the base. Once inside they opened fire and overwhelmed the shocked soldiers. The battle lasted for two hours before the Jihadists fled.

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